The DIY Place Florence About Us Owners Aimee and Cornelio Monjarrez


With social distancing and strict Covid-19 protocols in place, the year 2020 was particularly trying on small businesses all across the nation and world. Family entertainment had been losing momentum, with theaters and live event venues having to close their doors for months.

The DIY Place Florence came to life when Aimee and Cornelio Monjarrez decided to combine Aimee’s passion for crafts and their business experiences to bring this fun experience to Florence County. She won’t admit this, but Aimee is a Master Crafter. Aimee wanted a place in Florence where people could come and share their love for crafts, creativity, and for some of them to “discover their inner craftiness.”

The goal is to provide a place where couples, families, friends, coworkers, and all, can enjoy some fellowship and create memories together.

What is The DIY Place Florence?

The DIY Place Florence offers an array of craft projects for all ages and creative skills. Customers can pick out the project of their choice and customize it as they want to. DIY Place has everything from wooden signs that make great home decor, metal projects, combinations of both, and even dream catchers for kids. The projects can take between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, with the average time around 1 hour, depending on the skill level.

Customers will receive the materials for their project and then they work on distressing, staining, building, painting, and finishing their projects as needed. All this while being guided by our staff. The customers also receive all the tools needed to complete their project.

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